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Window Dressing

Window Dressing

Many of my clients who move into their first larger home are overwhelmed with the number of windows and how to “dress” them.  Their immediately need is to obtain some privacy, especially in bedroom and bath areas.  It is pretty typical to walk in and see two inch wood blinds on every window in those areas and the larger windows in the living room and kitchen with nothing.

Often, they explain that they don’t want to “hide the woodwork” or trim mouldings.  Store bought draperies are rarely the right length for these large windows and the thought of “custom” has them thinking “thousands of dollars”.

There are many reasons why “soft” or fabric window treatments add so much to a room.  A room just isn’t “fully dressed” until the windows are.  Not just for aesthetic reasons, but also for acoustical and energy saving as well.  With wood floors being the number one choice for flooring, and two story ceiling heights, it can sound like the Grand Canyon.  Not a good thing for television watching or listening to a baby cry!

The simplest and most elegant way to frame out your view is with panels.  They can make windows appear wider or larger or even hide an unsightly view.  They warm up the room, evoking a sense of hospitality and comfort.  And surprisingly enough, they are the most reasonably priced way to accomplish this feeling.

A design as simple as one width of fabric, pleated at the top, and mounted on a board (instead of a more expensive rod), will give you that “custom” instead of store bought look.  Selecting the right kind of fabric, lining, style and hardware might be well worth a phone call to an interior designer.  Some fabrics are not suitable for windows for a variety of reasons.  The enhancement of beautiful trims, fun beading or contrast fabrics can give a decorator look to your draperies.

Sometimes, just a simple valance is all that is needed to dress the window.  Especially in the kitchen, bath and bedrooms.  The last four photos above show a few examples of valances and fabric shades that just seem to pull the room together.  So….don’t forget about your windows when you start a decorating project!

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