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Should I Follow Trends?

Should I Follow Trends?

An article on “trends” in interior design recently came through my feed on Facebook and I couldn’t resist taking a peek.  Just someone’s opinion on what they felt were trends that should “go away” according to interior designers.  More interesting than the list of trends were the responses from readers to them.  Most people had taken the time to read them…one slow page with many ads at a time….and their responses for the most part were, to put it mildly….”strong”.

Most didn’t believe in “trends” and believed you should decorate with what you like.  Can’t argue with that too much.  Some felt it was just another attempt at consumerism.  Can’t argue with that either.  And many had an opinion…mostly negative….on one particular trend.  We all have opinions and most of the time….they are neither only right or only wrong.  Just opinions.

Here is my free….unsolicited….opinion on trends.

Everything changes.  And everyone likes different things.  The closest industry I can compare interior design to is fashion.  Consumer demand constantly drives something new and different.  It doesn’t mean you have to jump on that train with everything….but maybe a new bracelet…..or pillow….changes the whole look.

Just for fun….this is a condensed version of the trends “someone” wishes would go away:

I do believe that if you plan to sell your home in the next five to seven years and you want to get top dollar, you have to “update”.  You will need to replace or paint those golden oak cabinets.  You probably will need to replace light fixtures.  But as far as your interior furniture and decor….pick your own style.  Make it your own.

Would love to see your comments on what you like or do not like.  I’m listening!


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