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Not Your Mama’s Wallpaper

Not Your Mama’s Wallpaper

I have been in and out of love with wallpaper for years.

Yes, originally I had it in nearly every room of my house, complete with matching borders and drapery. Flowers….LOTS of flowers. And in a different color in every room. Mauve, Forest Green, Peach….even a Southwest border in my son’s room which he will never let me forget. I look back at those pictures now and honestly, I am embarrassed for myself.

Remember what a nightmare it was to try and remove…piece by piece? We swore we never wanted to see another wall of that stuff again. Then it was all about faux finishing. Tuscany was the rage. Stucco, marble, Venetian plaster…the more opulent and overdone, the better. Honestly, it was a designer’s dream. Layers of everything. More, more, more!

But like every style or “trend”, the love affair ends. 😢
My husband and I built our home about three years ago. Reinforced walls for grab bars, lots of pull out drawers, and one level living. Baby Boomers who are going to live at home until we get hauled away. Since we were getting married and combining two households, we needed to decide what to keep and what needed to go. My house was Country French and his style was Danish Modern. That combination even makes a seasoned interior designer want to scream. Everything we kept was used in the lower level in guest bedrooms and the family area. It works. We chose Transitional (google it) for our main living area.
I told the builder I wanted all the walls painted the same color (BM Revere Pewter) except the office. For the first two years I liked it. It was refreshing and clean. In fact, the dining room was completely empty for two years…for several reasons:
1. Wasn’t sure if we really wanted a formal dining room.
2. Couldn’t decide on furniture.
(We designers are terrible sometimes at making choices for ourselves).
3. $$$. Building a house is expensive!

After two years, while at furniture market, I found the perfect furniture. A few months later, with everything delivered and art hung….something was still missing. I felt the same way about the powder room and our bedroom.
I have a design studio with a few wallpaper books. Mostly, there were textures and some grass cloth. I rarely sold it or even showed it. One day our rep came to show us some new books….and WOW…..I was really excited again about wallpaper.
My favorite rooms to wallpaper are powder rooms, dining rooms and an accent wall in the right place. And ceilings. (Paper hangers hate me). Take a look at the completed rooms. I love the geometric and modern shapes in the bedroom and dining room. The powder room paper is layers of cork and gold leaf in a block pattern. It is incredible and my favorite!
If you are still afraid, go the accent wall route. Use a professional to hang it. (I once hung dark blue paper myself and then had to fill in where the seams were the next day when the paper dried and shrunk!). Call me. We have some beautiful wallpaper!





Powder Room


Master Bedroom

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